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Poster: JihadOMuffin Date: Aug 15, 2011 3:59pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Ha! A Phish quote I get...

I was right up front for Phish and I thought it was awesome. I did grow up in Burlington, Vt where Phish is from, so it is a little more Interesting for me to hear these guys play. While I don't like their songs as much the Deads you got to give them credit for some of the awesome covers they played. Peaches and Regalia in the first set (Which was particularly awesome), Rock and Roll (Velvet Underground) in the second. Some David Bowie cover.

The only reason I go to more Phish shows than lets say Furthur shows is that I have about a 2 to 1 chance of getting a ticket at Phish compared to any Dead band. In LA at the Holly Wood bowl last Monday I got an easy free ticket, actually pretty much anyone could have showed up and got a free ticket. If you do Green Crew 3 shows in row you get a free ticket. Maybe I just don't have the connections with any Furthur heads who could be helping me out... But that is just the way it is. So I mean for the younger crowd , or college kids, or people who see a ton of shows would most likely follow Phish than Furthur.

Vocals for Phish are hell of lot better than Furthur. Sorry Phil can't sing, Bobby just isn't great all the time. He has the Bob Dylan way of singing lyrics that I hate, only sometimes though. I was impressed by how good Phish has become vocally. Their harmonies are really good, 72-73 Dead good.

Personally I don't get that Article by... was it Blair Jackson. I mean if you want to see good music, which what I primarily aim for, Phish is up their compared to the average stuff that is going around. He hasn't even seen a show and judges them. People who do that to the Dead are usually lambasted by Fans.

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Poster: Daddy D Date: Aug 15, 2011 9:04pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Ha! A Phish quote I get...

AltheaRose wrote "Maybe it's just that people were hungry for a jam-band and tour experience in addition to (or instead of) the Dead, and Phish was the first and closer to their generation ..."

I think this is a big part of it. As Garcia once said (paraphrasing) "Following the Grateful Dead is as close as kids these days can get to joining the circus or riding the rails".

If you were in high school or college anytime in the last 10 years you were likely too young to have ever caught a Garcia Grateful Dead show, so Phish is that generations experiential version of The Grateful Dead. But regardless of how much they may love Phish, you can bet your last dollar that every one of them would give their left testicle to be able to go back in time & catch a Dead show with Jerry on stage, while many of us won't even drive across state lines to see a Phish show.

I think most of us would probably agree that it's useless to compare the music of The Grateful Dead to the music of Phish. While they may share some common denominators and they definitely share a common fan base, they really are two very different bands. Phish can definitely jam & they can be a lot of fun, but they can't be profound. And therein lies the fundamental difference between the two bands & why it's useless to compare the two.

I think the one of the reasons that Deadheads are so passionate in their love for The Grateful Dead is that so many songs (both lyrically & musically) have an inexplicable emotional element to them that is simply lacking in so many other songs & bands. There was (is) meaning & depth to Hunter's lyrics, and when he was on, Garcia was able to both play & sing with such emotional depth that (for me at least) the song became more than just a sound, it became a transcendent emotional experience.

I think there was another element that added to the experience, which was that Deadheads really knew the band's music, and when they were at a show they intently LISTENED to & focused on the music. And when you get 10,000 plus people all intently focused on the same thing at the same time, there's tangible affect upon the energy & atmosphere within the concert hall.

Or maybe it was just the drugs . . . ?

Either was it sure was a hell of a time . . .